Colors of Disney’s Encanto

In celebration of Disney’s Encanto, we’ve curated enchanting color palettes that celebrate the magic within us all. Discover your “Encanto” as you explore the colorful personalities of the Madrigal family one vibrant hue at a time, and see the film in theatres this Thanksgiving.

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Color Palettes

The Unique Palette

Capture the spirit of Mirabel with bubbly hues that are electric and bright.

The Adventurous Palette

Celebrate Antonio’s love for adventure with colors that take their cue from nature.

The Perfect Palette

Embrace the ethereal energy of Isabela with soft, floral shades.

The Strong Palette

Admire Luisa’s unparalleled strength with bold and beautiful hues.

The Sunny Palette

Bask in the golden tones that follow Pepa & Félix wherever they go.